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Life as a new parent is always exciting, and also stressful, and intimidating. While caring for that little bundle of happiness of our life, we get frightened when we cannot handle the mess. It’s because we love them more than we love ourselves. As the big day is nearing we will probably be more nervous, whether we have picked the right clothes, diaper bag, newborn essentials, and the list continues. By bringing our newborn home, we’ll be ready to start the parenting journey. Below is the list of baby essentials to boost your confidence and get you ready for this exciting new experience.

Baby Bodysuits

Dressing up a newborn is always challenging. Bodysuits make dressing your baby easier and fun, they make them feel comfortable and soft. These suits are used as undergarments, helps in undressing your baby while changing a diaper, and make it easy to dress up. It is safe to handle those fragile heads and more hygienic. Make sure to choose the bodysuits made with 100% cotton, they are best suited for those cute and soft fragile skin.

Baby Sleepsuits

As we can expect, your newborn spends most of its time sleeping in those early months of its birth. So it's much more essential to sack the set of sleepsuits to keep them comfortable and cozy. Since, your baby will be sporting this sleepwear for all those first years, picking the right fabric should be considered the highest priority. Our line of baby essentials at matalanme offers a huge range of collections made with soft cream cotton with asymmetrical prints and handy popper fastenings for easy changing. Keep your baby warm all night.

Baby Bibs

Wipe away that mealtime mess. Every newborn is prone to drooling and spitting. Stocking up these essentials is always vital and useful. These cute cotton bibs are always a life-saver for any parents to reduce the mealtime mess of our little ones. Buy those colorful and stylish burp clothes, when we end up carrying these throughout the day trying not to dirty the laundry of our baby. Then, stock up those matching bibs to make your little one look more cute, adorable even at the messiest mealtime.

Baby Blankets

Baby clothes are the most important part for any new parents to concentrate on. These newborn clothes need a thorough variety of collections to keep them comfortable, cozy to swing their moods with fewer tantrums. Baby blankets play a vital role in the baby clothing closet. We need this throughout the day to keep them warm while they are asleep. These blankets can be used to tuck in or wrap the baby especially while traveling or taking them on to doctor visits. It feels secured to wrap those tiny little newborns to keep them safe and warm. Make it more interesting by picking up the right variety of blankets, with different colors and design patterns. Those soft fleecy make a perfect addition to their cot or Moses basket.

Treat your little ones with more comfort and adoration. Check out our stores for those best-woven cotton fabric baby clothes at affordable prices.