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Bathroom Accessories


Bathroom Supplies

Add the finishing touches to your bathroom with our high-quality bathroom accessories today. We have everything you need to personalize your space, from sleek shelving units to mirrors, tumblers, and more. Make a statement with elegant storage units that combine functionality and ultimate style.

Get more bang for your buck with our bathroom accessory sets that will match the rest of your decor. You can also find pedal bins, soap dishes, and everything else you need to get your bathroom in tip-top shape.

Lovely bathroom accessories

The living room has rugs, the bedroom has throw blankets, and the dining room has table runners, but what about the bathroom? Isn't it difficult to find simple accessories that can breathe new life into it without calling in the decorators? The good news is, we have a plethora of fantastic bathroom accessories in our homeware collection.

Elegant toilet brushes

Okay, so a toilet brush isn't going to be the most exciting thing you buy for your home, but when you see our selection, you might be surprised. Choose from gold art deco, pink florals, or chrome accents.

The entire bathroom set

Many of our items come in matching sets, so if your bathroom needs a facelift, a matching hand soap dispenser, toilet brush set, and tumbler (all in perfectly matched designs) could be just what you need.

Shelves for the bathroom

Bathroom storage can be difficult to come by. If you need a place to store your trinkets but don't have the space for a cupboard, our corner shelving unit is likely to be just the thing. This four-tiered unit is ideal for storing towels and toiletries and saves space.

Showers of joy

Nothing beats standing under a hot shower and letting your worries wash away, but if you don't have a shower curtain, you'll probably have to spend twice as long drying the floor afterwards. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our shower curtains are made of PVC and measure 180 x 180 cm, making them ideal for keeping your floor dry and your shower blissful.

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