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Candles & Scents


Subtle Lighting

Have you ever found yourself in a position where the large lights are too bright but the desk lights are insufficient? We share your suffering, but have good news: we can assist you. Only one word will suffice: candles! Obviously evident. If you are trying to add a little extra light and a lot more flair to your home, then the assortment of candles in our living collection is sure to be the perfect fit.

Scent Envy

Nothing is better than entering someone's house and being greeted with a delectably mild yet wonderfully agreeable aroma. Avoid experiencing smell envy every time you visit a friend's home by purchasing one of our delectable perfumed candles.

Wonderful Gifts

When it comes to giving a delectable scent as a present, you can't really go wrong. However, if your best friend would definitely prefer a bottle of alcohol, consider giving her one of our cocktail-themed candles. Choose from the peach Bellini, the Prosecco, and the gin and tonic.

Multipack Madness

We all enjoy tealights, but they seem to burn out very rapidly, don't you think? Therefore, we have become obsessed with multipacks. Choose from our assortment of scented candles, which includes wild pomegranate, white jasmine, vanilla pod, and golden bloom, among others.

We Cater to all Budget

You just want a bag of 50 tealights? No worries, we have you covered. Oh, you desire something unique? No problem, our broad selection of huge Yankee Candles (available in a variety of scents, of course) will deliver up to 150 hours of aroma. Reward yourself, regardless of your budget.

Peace Lover

With our wide selection of candles, scented candles, and tealights, you may create a soothing atmosphere in your house. Discover a diversity of odours to help you create a comfortable environment, ranging from deep woody scents to light floral scents. Don't forget to browse our Wellness collection for energizing and restorative fragrances. Whether you are shopping for yourself or searching for the ideal present for someone special, we have the candles you need.

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