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Girls Jeans and Jeggings


Fabulous Jeans

Without jeans, it would be very hard to imagine what would be wearing every day and how would have we make bold style statements without jeans.

The same is for your little lady too, when she is out of her school uniform the next thing on her would be jeans. Our collection of jeans and jeggings will ensure her dress for the weekend is sorted and make your life is easier.

Bright and Colourful Jeggings

Your girl loves her jeans and adores her leggings but she is missing a bit of colour with just them. With our range of jeggings that are brightly coloured and will boost her confidence. Jeggings are made for a time when the temperatures are warming up and our range of jeggings comes in a wide variety of colours available for all from age 4 to age 13.

Cute Babies

Any newborn in tiny, weeny jeans will look cuter, and it's an adorable sight. So to fulfill this desire of yours we have jeans with sizes starting from tiny newborns and she will look perfect if her parents are cool enough to accept it.

Age doesn’t Matter

Your little girl will always be little to you irrespective of how old actually she is. But when it comes to buying clothes for her it would very useful if you are aware of how old she is. At Matalanme we have all your needs covered for jeans and jeggings and our range starts from tiny newborns till your girl reaches the age of teens.

Style up Affordably

You wish to ensure that your little girl looks great but at the same time, you are also not ready to pay up too much that would empty your pockets. So at Matalanme we understand your needs for affordable clothing and our range of affordable jeans and jeggings starts from the price that will put a smile on your face along with styles that will make your little girl smile.

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