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Mens Jeans


The Skinny Jeans

Once upon a time, skinny jeans for men seemed like an odd thing to wear. But as time went on and alternative fashion grew, it became a welcome part of the modern man's wardrobe. But history aside, it's a great and flexible choice for young and old alike. Then the problem is figuring out what colour it is?

Does exactly what it Says

Straight-fit jeans are a true classic. They sit on the hips and have the same straight line all the way down to your shoes. This is a great style for days when you don't have to work, but still want to look smart. These jeans are a popular choice from our Farah collection, which is made for men who are sensible.

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Want the look of skinny jeans but not the restrictions? Check out our jeans with a tapered fit. The tapered fit is a rising star in the world of men's jeans. It has a lot of room at the top and looks slimmer at the calf. Just think of it as a bootcut done backwards.

The Bootcut

We're here to change the way people think about bootcut jeans. These often forgotten members of the denim family have been around for a long time for a good reason: they look good, are comfortable, and can be worn with a lot of different things. Even though these jeans don't have a flare, they cover enough for a boot, so you can add height without drawing attention to yourself.

Tapered Fit

The tapered fit is a little bit like the opposite of a bootcut. While a bootcut is wider at the bottom of the leg, a tapered jean is wider at the top of the leg and gets narrower at the ankle.

With more options like men's white jeans for the summer and men's elasticated waist jeans for all-day comfort, you'll have a hard time deciding between our classic and trendy styles.

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