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The Ultimate Back to School Checklist

Getting back to school is one of the most exciting parts for any child. While it is so exciting for them to see how the new school year would be after every holiday. With everything on their mind going back to school, also reminds them of the most exciting part that is friends and their classmates whom they missed all these long. Keeping an eye on their safety will be an at-most priority to take care of. So, now is the perfect time to prepare for their essentials for school. These new back-to-school things will help them get started.


After a long crazy holiday time, the new school year seems to steps back to the normal grid of everyday life. Every new school year seems like a welcome treat with the list of school essentials to be purchased. First to start, with is bags. School backpacks are an obvious choice to pick when we consider school. These backpacks should carry all essentials for the entire school year. Pick up those cute little sturdy cartoon print backpacks with secure center zip fastening together to save all essentials more safely. These backpacks also come with an extra handy front pouch with more space to rucksack the essentials.

Water bottle

This new school year make sure to keep your child healthy and hydrated. Stainless steel materials are the best-suited water bottle for kids. These water bottles have a variety of benefits when compared to others. Start using these stylish sturdy metal bodies made with a perfect screw-top lid with leak proof featuring bottle for healthy hydration. It also prevents dehydration and encourages your child to drink more water. Stocking up these reusable water bottles is highly beneficial, easy to carry, budget-friendly, and reduces plastic pollution. Let’s promote a lifelong appreciation for health, hydration, Eco-friendly, and sustainability in our kids today.

Lunch boxes & bags

With every change for the new school year, the lunch box will be a much-needed addition to the list. At times back to school lunch routine might look entirely different. However, maintaining their healthy normal routine is always of the highest priority. Keeping their favorite lunch or snacks intact we need to choose the right of lunch boxes that make the mealtime easy. From flip-flop bags to that bento box, insulated bags and well-designed lunch boxes to avoid those spillages and leaf proof will be a perfect in-time choice for that mealtime mess. Prepare those little lunch packs with fun-filled foods to make your children's meal more interesting.


Choose the right shoes for those cute little growing feet. It is important to know that every child's feet grow up to 34 times until they are 12 years. Ignoring the type of shoes, fit and comfort may lead to developing podiatry issues. The key features to be noted on the purchase of any school shoes for kids are flexible sole, heel griped, padded collar, and comfortable growing space with cushioned insole. Those little feet which jump, kick and run around over those hard surfaces on the last bell rings need more comfort and pamper.

These must-have back-to-school essentials are an endless checklist. However, pampering our little ones with the right choices of schooling accessories makes them happier and feels good to be back to school. Check our store for more interesting back-to-school collections.