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The great pillow

People wax poetic about their fantastic new mattress and then spend hours debating togs when purchasing a new duvet, but the humble pillow is all too often overlooked. Not any longer. We have a huge selection of pillows that will be the perfect conversation starter the next time someone mentions their new water bed at a dinner party.

Don't forget to bring your memory foam pillow

You've heard of memory foam mattresses, but have you ever tried memory foam pillows? These deep-filled pillows gently mould to your head's contours, providing natural support and body alignment while you sleep. Sleep issues will soon be a thing of the past.

As comfortable as a feather pillow

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, feather pillows are a must-have. Check out our selection of luxury duck and goose feather-filled pillows. The light feathers provide soft support for a restful night's sleep.

Pillows for every budget

Perhaps you're looking for a luxury pillow that will be a bedtime staple for years to come, or maybe you just need a couple of backups. Whatever your requirements and budget, we have you covered.

Hypoallergenic filling for pillows

Do you have a guest who is allergic to something? Perhaps your child has a stuffy nose and you're not sure why. Silent night anti-allergy pillows are filled with a hypoallergenic filling that keeps dust mites and bacteria at bay.

Pillows can be soft or firm, medium or v-shaped.

When it comes to pillows, if you've ever considered them, we probably have them. There's even an anti-snore pillow available, with options ranging from soft and huggable to orthopaedic to "extremely full." If you're looking for something specific in the pillow department, browse the collection and prepare for the best night's sleep possible.

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