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Baby Socks and Tights


Warm and Cozy Tootsies

There is no way of getting away from it, little one’s feet are so adorable. Can’t tell what is so special about them but we can tell you that in those first few weeks after a baby has arrived, we spent hours gazing at their tiny tootsies.

Babies are quick to get cold feet, so it is perhaps time to take a break from gazing and start putting baby socks or baby tights on them instead. If you think that bare feet aren’t actually an option, you will be glad to see our collection of baby socks and tights.

Thank Goodness for Frills

Are you slowly starting to regret the plain socks that you had got just before your little one arrived? If fashion is on your mind, then you will want a pair of frill socks that keeps them warm on all surfaces. Our super cute frill socks are stylish and warm – all set for snug tootsies. Take a look at our collection of slippers, too.

Keep their Socks On

Does your baby love to wear socks? No? Why do babies love to take their socks off so much? If your little one doesn’t like to keep a pair of socks on for more than five minutes, then we have the solution: tights! Our tremendously cute baby tights multipacks start from newborn and go right the way up to age 4. Also, looking for tights for an older kid, look into our girls’ tights too.

Every Day Socks

From stylish frill socks to unisex cable socks pick any for keeping your little one’s toes nice and cozy. Our collection of handy kids' socks that feature days of the week will make you know which day it is. It’s easier than getting a diary!

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