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Taylor & Wright Collection


Impeccable Tailoring – Taylor & Wright Collection

When it comes to men's suits, you want the latest style, the best tailoring, and a price you can afford, right? Well, you don't have to look any further. Our suits, shirts, belts, and more from Taylor & Wright are stylish and affordable.

The Best Shoes for You

No matter what the event is, if you are wearing a tailored suit, it's because you want to look the part. No suit is complete without the right pair of formal men's shoes to go with it. This is true for weddings, business meetings, and big nights out. Taylor & Wright shoes come in suede or leather, with brogues or laces, and all have a classic look that goes well with suits.

Smooth Style

A black-tie event is the best way to bring out your secret agent side. If you need to look like a shaken-not-stirred stylish agent, take a look at our dinner jackets. Wear one with black pants, a white shirt, and a black bow tie, and you will look just like one.

Tailored Trousers

A three-piece suit is nice, but sometimes all you need for work or an event is a nice pair of pants. Our Taylor & Wright pants come in blue, grey, tan, and black, as well as slim, tailored, and regular fits, and you are sure to love the prices.

Online Exclusives

Sometimes, the best way to find your favorite suit is to go shopping and try on a bunch of them. And there are plenty of other times when going into town on a Saturday morning seems like the worst thing you could do on a weekend. We have a number of Taylor & Wright items that are only available online. This gives you a great reason to stay home and shop on your phone, tablet, or laptop instead of going out.

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